Thursday, June 26, 2008


"You've been a really good friend to me."

"You've been a really good friend to me too."

After that it was the desperate little rush of words you use when you are to prolong the goodbye because you don't want to accept that this is potentially the last time you might see this person. The "Take cares" and "Enjoy your selves."

Four goodbyes today, Flic, Simon, Jess and Mel. Now most of these I'll see about the place, and the latter two I will see at Jess' party later in the month. But today was the last day of hanging about in the chaplaincy. Simon came downstairs and talked with the hangabouts, and it was like the first time I remember meeting Mel. Sat about with tea made by Andy, talking rubbish, flitting from subject to subject. 

I'm rubbish at goodbyes. There's always something more I want to say. Maybe I'll write an email or a letter explaining. I just didn't want to cry too much. 

It's going to be scary moving on into this big world of work without the giant therapy sessions that were afternoons mooching about in Chaplaincy. And I'll miss them so.


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