Sunday, June 01, 2008

In a bid to have more posts on here…

…First of all, something sappy. Tom is currently making me steak. I love him!


Today I have been writing, writing and writing. I have 2000 words left to write tonight, with the dissertation being due in tomorrow at 4pm. What with broken arm extensions, and ovary extensions, this thing feels cursed, it feels absolutely cursed. This chapter to come is the risky chapter, the one with the historiography and the philosophy and the critical eye on feminism and the orthodox and why the bible matter and why people write about it. Sound heavy , no?

Yesterday, sick of my screen I dressed up in one of Tom's xkcd t shirts, met some other geeks in a field outside Winchester, and trekked to a point in a field that had been randomly generated by an algorithm that uses the stock market as a random number generator. For more info see, and search for Southampton. We had a really good time meeting new people, and walking through beautiful country side.


Well back to writing.

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