Sunday, June 08, 2008

Home Home Home

It's funny how when you get older, you appreciateh ome more. Having just been back to Westbury for a weekend, I am slightly misty eyed over home. That is my parent's house, not the small minded town I had the fortune/misfortun to grow up in. I love the way everything smells freshly washed at home, that the fridge always has things you'd want to eat in it, and that I can sit still and relax there.

These are of course all developments since I left home. I like having grown up conversations with my mum, and being allowed to stay up until I am tired, rather than being chivvied off to bed. It comes with being grownup I suppose. All the best bits and the freedom to come and go.

Mum and Dad took us all out to the quaint old school chinese restaurant in Westbury called the Champion. Why do restaurants have silly names? It was to celebrate the lovely high first mark i got in my dissertation, and it was fun to slip into old routines. Us girls spent time teasing my dad and trying to make sure mum got some prawn crackers. 

Today I have been to church, sung everso loudly and did the actions to the kids songs, and then started an embroidery for a friends wedding present. I have also revised lots. I better go and do some more of that actually.

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