Monday, June 23, 2008

Living the life of riley....

I had a lovely weekend at home with my family, plus four friends and one of their sons, in which there was much crafting, trampolining and sleeping in wendy houses.

So today, Jess and I decided to go to a Pick Your Own farm and then to the beach. We took the Andy, and boy, the strawberries were lovely. So, so, so lovely. Sweet and not watery like super market berries. If you're in the New Forest near Lymington, go to Goodalls. Highly recommended.

The beach was also great. Highcliffe at Christchurch has the perfect mix of gravel and sand. It was windy, like many british beach, but the water was warm.

What a day! Pictures from Jess, because her camera is so awesome! Jess is also very awesome. I've got to know her a lot better in the last few weeks. She is kind, funny, sharp and great fun to hang around with. Jess, I am going to miss you when you move home.

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