Saturday, June 14, 2008

done done done!

Well now,

I got an 80 on my dissertation. I am incredibly proud. All the hard work payed off. Now I am waiting for Friday, as that is when I will get my overall mark back. I hope hope hope I have done enough to pass and pass well!

Having free time is a novel thing. Unfortunately I cannot use the library as finalist have to have nothing owing on their account in order to graduate. So I am crafting and tidying and getting ready to move. No knitting as I am far too warm. Instead I am embroidering a sampler for my friend's wedding. I have pixelated a photograph of the church and I am rendering that in counted cross stitch, then I will free hand embroider the other details. Their colours are cream and blue and gold, and I'm having a lovely time finding patterns for the border.

I have also been busy going to interviews, and as of the 14th July, I have a job! I will be doing customer support for a web design company that provides simple and easy to use websites for small businesses. It is in the city centre so I will be able to cycle or get the bus to work from my new house in Shirley.

The grad ball was excellent. Whilst I felt hideous in my dress having not lost enough weight, the whole day was so good that by the end I just didn't care. The girls and I went to get our nails done, then met up with the boys for a chinese buffet lunch, and the afternoon was devoted to rescuing my housemate's hair disaster and getting ready. I can't wait to share the photographs of my hairdressing triumphs, as in the evening we all got ready together and my skills were required.  The ball was circus themed, and there were mimes and firestaffers to entertain us whilst we queued to get in. There were also gymnasts and an Aerial Silks  performer. Kash Nash was apparently ill and so the main act was Chesney Hawks, which was so much better! He performed his only hit, 'I Am the One and Only" and lots of excellent covers. After much dancing and merriment we went back to the HYC to get our belongings and ate cheese on toast and drank tea very merrily. 

Today I have mainly been being familial with the family, attending my godmother's 50th birthday meal. Which was nice, but by gosh do I like being independent. Sat in the car being beaten up inadvertantly by sisters is something I do not miss!

edit: pics from jess

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