Friday, June 22, 2007

More more more

Laziness, procrastination, fear, loathing. Just words to some, but for others these are the words that hold us back. “I’ll lie in today.” “I’ll go to the gym after work instead.” “I’ll stay in because if I go to that party I’ll only know one person and I’m afraid of having no one to talk to” “I look dreadful, I can’t wear that …x or y or z…”

I know these are things that really affect me. I stop myself from being happy and make my life harder by not making an effort and this is something I’m going to change.

Take last night. I was feeling a bit ill during the day at work, and was going to miss out on the pub quiz because, if I’m honest, I couldn’t be bothered. But I went because I wanted to see my friends. I even made an effort with my Hawaiian outfit, because well, it was the last quiz of the year and its supposed to be summer. Once there, along side being picked up and put outside the pub by the quizmaster for daring to turn up (long story…) and making people smile with our outfits, I was so pleased to have made the effort.

We won the quiz. The last quiz of the year was the first win of the term for the Blue Circles. Thanks to some clever timing on the killer round we managed to win. I’m so glad I went.

Tonight I’m going to a gig with a new friend. New people, new places. I don’t want to live a half hearted life anymore. I only get one, so I’m going to try and fill it with experiences. ‘A life lived in fear is a life half lived’ to quote Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom.

And anyone out there got any book on a) Aramaic, b) Jerusalem through the ages, or c) biblical textiles? I want to do some summer reading.... :o)


Anonymous said...

Fear... I know that one too well. The number of opportunities I've missed due to it or being too shy - I could kick myself about, except I'm still too shy to do anything different. Which sucks, because life passes me by.

Unknown said...

You go girl. Sounds great. :)