Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last night in the pub my mind exploded....

So I slept muchly, revised a little and was made calming cups of tea by Andy and Jess and Tom. The exam came and went, and in all honesty it was horrid, with my running out of things to stay and not many facts. But it is done and I am free for the year.

Which meant drinking.

At last.

I went to the Stile and settled down with my pint and ate food and talked random nonsense until 2 in the morning. It was unnerving because a) I met someone who's parents moved to Westbury in March, and b) someone who knows both my godparents, and is the nephew of Jimmy Young.

Now people generally don't move to Westbury, its major highlights being the White Horse on the hill and the station that gets you out of there. Most of the people I know who actively moved there are commuters drawn by cheap house prices. So it was very very odd to be drawing maps of the place to work out if I knew what was effectively this guys new house. Which I did.

As for the other bloke who knew my godparents, that's less alarming but still cool, as he is from Highfield. Which they are from.

It does now however mean my six degrees of separation just amazingly better and cyclical.

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