Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dances Dances and Dances some more. And then a bit more.

Oh I feel so cheery today. *dances*

I had my kind of job interview go see thingy, (its a technical term) and that's going to be a fairly friendly place to work. It was glorious weather and I sat on the train and read my book bathed in gold as I zoomed home. I also walked a random way from the station in order to get home and got to climb an interesting gravel shortcut.

Then it was more frenzy! Today was Ballet day. I've been saying to those who know me all year that I wanted to get back to ballet. Well today, I stopped complaining that I couldn't afford it and just decided to go. So I did. This meant finding all my dance kit out, and I have to say with the weight I've lost recently, I look pretty fab in a leotard now.

I also went to see Ruth, the gf of the spanish guitarist Sam who lived in halls with me, play flute in her performance exam. It was amazing! The first piece was all modern and angsty, and the second more classical and fluid. I don't know what she was playing as there were no programmes, but I loved it. I was sat there with my eyes closed and my head bobbing and swaying.

I spent the rest of the afternoon schooling Tom in the way of the jive turn in preparation of a night of dancing at the Physics ball on Monday. He got it by the end of our little dance lesson, and is especially good at pulling on the arm of his partner hard enough in a closed hold to make them spin away at great speed. Nice one!

I also got to see the inside of my new house for the first time and that made me sooooooooo excited! I have a decent sized room this year, and a double bed and its going to be nice. Hopefully it will actually be finished by July!

But the Ballet! Oh the Ballet!

I've been going to the gym, I've danced a variety of dance genres, but two years away from a proper ballet class shows. My lovingly gym crafted thigh muscles are not the ones you use to keep yourself balanced on one leg, stable on point shoes or to jumpstart you into a fast allegro phrase. Those gym muscles just shook and shook and shook. But it was great really great to be dancing again. Even though the class was fast paced, quite different to the format of my old classes and I struggled to get the steps in the right order everytime, I just loved the feel of it. The teacher said that I was definately right to try the advanced class, rather than going into the beginners as my barre work was excellent, and the rest will come back with practice and time. So a huge thanks to Kate who I met through the History Group project for encouraging me to come along to a lesson. It was so releasing to fall in love with my hands as we went through a port de bra, or feel my core muscles twinge and expand as we leapt our way through busy allegro. I even did some basic pointe work, and whilst turns were out of my league today, my twinkle toes still seem to be working. Inclining my head to the opposite foot at the bar, balancing and breathing slowly, I just felt that scrap more alive. The burgeoning blisters helped with that as well.

Finally I made better friends with another Kate, who worked behind the bar at the Stile during my first year, a maths finalist who also does ballet. Turns out she remembers the ECS guys who came in nearly every lunch time, and the lot who would come to the Stile on Sundays at 7pm. We went for a drink at where else but the Stile, and got to know each other a bit better, and agreed to go see the SUSO concert on Sunday night. Its such a pleasant coinsidence, as I remember watching Kate banter with the customers last year, and thinking about what a witty and amusing person she was.

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