Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I worked on my dance. It's going quite well, but I'm sure that my poor dancers are getting fed up with me. I am, by my own admittance, a hard task mistress. However this once, I'll let myself be as it's my Alevel and I want it to be good. Today I must work through the 'Grief' motif.

When i got in after a history lesson that almost bored me to sleep, I didn't do everything I thought I'd do. You know how it is you get in and get entraced by something, and then you're off on one. I did however use my mum'd cross stitch pattern generating program to make a knitting chart for a piece of art.

Yes a piece of art. I thought I'd marry my two loves in order to inspire me to actually do some art. It's working so far, and I've worked about two inches. Floowing my pattern is hard though as I stupidly printed it in black and white and am now unable to see the grid on the black sections. But I think I'll make it. Next tome I'll follow my mum's instructions and go for red and white or something so the black grid shows through.

It's being worked in black acrylic I found in a stash bag, and some shiny white acylic that looks as if it were hand spun, but isn't if that makes sense.

Lizzy finally emailed me the nice picture of me trying on wedding dresses when I went to Monsoon about a week after getting engaged. As I won't be buying them it doesn't matter if Rob sees so you can see them on a blog near you at some point.

Tonight I'm going to Robs again to cook, like last week. THis is a nice habit I'm getting into, and it makes me feel very happy.



Lori said...

Alex is ADORABLE. I want to meet her.

Mark said...

Aww, cooking for people you love has a tendency to do that.