Saturday, February 05, 2005

Well today...

Alex did these things....

Alex got up and plaited her hair whilst in bed waiting for the bathroom to be free.

This is okay as Alex cannot wash her hair everyday.

She gets triangle head.

Alex then managed to strip her bed - which is as high as a bunkbed - whilst sitting on it, and dropping approximately 10 books to the floor from ther reading pile on her bed.

She's reading 'Wild Swans', and Reagan's autobiography.

Alex went to dance today in her friends car. Friend is a very new but good driver. Alex enjoyed the extra minutes at home going with someone else who can't be organised by her mum provided.

Alex wanted to dance at her dance lesson today, but spent three hours providing suggestions for the costumes of her dance teachers show. Most of these were unacceptable. As the show is 'The Magician's Nephew', Alex is Aslan and gets a white shiny catsuit to be painted up, well, 'Cats' style.

Alex has bought a small bit of her wedding outfit today, made vegan brownies, and sticky, transparent, peppermint ice toffee, and found documents for her french research.

Alex also babysat and earn't money whilst fending off a scary dog, teachinga teenage boy how to get further on the the Bounce game provided on Nokia phones and plaiting a little girls hair.

Alex feels she sincerely rocks for this.

Alex also watched a while rugby match today for the first time and found her closet rugby fan. She almost understood it too. Alex feels sheepish for secretly rooting for Wales not England.

Alex is happy.


Got a Problem With That.

PS...Alex also knitted and frogged the same swatch x lots.

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