Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm moved

Listening to Konstantine - Something Corporate and crying my eyes out with happiness and sheer sadness.

It's moved me in an unknown way. I had an overwhelming desire to tell Rob how much i care for him, to show him that I'm so happy. I really really love him.

Today has been interesting. I went trampolining. I love that feel of freedom, of being in mid air.

I saw two yellow peugeots parked next to each other.

I observed what it's like to be totally smitten.

I'm so happy.

Self esteem = Success



I lowered my expectations and now i'm so much happier. I don't need to go to oxford to be happy. I don't need to get a phd to be happy. Can you aspire to mediocracy? In a meritocracy? Alain de Bottan is right. A rigid class system can leave people happier.

And somehow I know what my place should be.



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