Saturday, February 12, 2005

Feeling the same way all over again.

Up and down I feel like I'm on a delicious roller coaster speeding towards my future.

Still knitting my art pictures, my baby jumper and numerous other things.

Ahh... Konstatine by Something Corporate. I love this and again it's on my speakers.

Since I last wrote.

I invited a dear friend to my church and whilst she wasn't miraculously converted she appeared to have got something from the service.
We all ate together afterwards because we had a visiting pastor and it was nuce to eat good food with friends.
Rob whisked me away to Bath after that, to the cinema and Pizza Hut for a treat. It's so nice to be spoiled so. We watched Oceans's 12. I loved the capoeria villian..:-)

This week at school nothing much of note happenned besides two things:-

I began organising our leavers ball. With the help of half the Sixth Form council. lol I just wrote the Sith Council. Hell yeah they're all part of the dark side...heheh

We're having a oriental theme for decorations but not for costumes. Chinese laterns from the ceiling, red baloons with gold chinese characters filled helium in the middle of the tables.

I've nearly finished what might be one of the best pieces of painting I've ever done.

I received a lovely painting of myself and a gorgeous rainbow scarf from Lori. For a person who has never met me you certainly know my taste. The scarf is so me, and the colours of the painting are my favourites.

Last night I had music practice for church and it was strange trying to sing witha sore throat. I also started to give a very much non singer some singing lessons o see if I could get her to sing in tune. Man is this going to be fun.

Rob treated me to a chinese last night too. He's really rather wonderful really. Don't you think?


Lori said...

I'm glad you like the painting! And I'm glad you liked the scarf, too. I've never worn it and so since I wanted to wrap up the painting in something, I thought I'd give it to you. :) It was a risk worth taking, then, since you ended up liking it.

Anonymous said...

I loved how the capoeira master was actually the better thief. He was so cool. My inspiration for sure. Not to be a thief of course, but capoeira for sure.