Tuesday, November 08, 2016

NaBloPoMo 8 Waiting

Traffic was awful today in Southampton - I'm not sure why. It took me ages to get to the railway station.

Once I got into London, I had meetings, ran training, grabbed lunch with a new aquaintance/friend and worked some more.

There was a hug queue to get into the tube station on the way home, and I missed the ideal train home. So more waiting.

I actually managed to get a seat on the way home, so I good do some work until my laptop battery died. Had to bite my tongue to avoid giving unsolicited social media advice to two women who clearly had a new interior design company.

They were of that middle-aged, skinny, posh, blonde persuasion, all bespoke irregularly shaped business cards with pink edges, discussing vigorously about whether a company Christmas card was a good idea. I'm very much of the start with your audience, not your supposed product, school. *Sigh*

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