Sunday, November 13, 2016

NaBloPoMo 13 Hedgehogs

After a slightly uncomfortable night on the sofa, I went to cafe church with the family. Dad was leading, and it's interesting watching him adapt his leadership style for this more informal setting. We made various poppy crafts, and my favourite were the wax crayon and sugar paper poppies that unfold when we put them in water - made for a nice visual during the two minute silence. Good old capillary action. Instructions here

Then I wondered home as Tom was coming to join us for lunch, and I was on 'taking things out of the oven duty.' I took advantage of the kitchen table being clear to sit up to the table - always a win.

Our lunch was interuppted by a knock on the door, where a vague aquaintance of my mum's stood with a little hedgehog wrapped in a sweater. The might turned out to be only 300g, far too small to hibernate, so Mum got out her hedgehog cage, found some straw and cat food. It's not winter if Mum's not overwintering a hedgehog.

Meet Pedley:

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