Monday, November 21, 2016

NaBloPoMo 21 Brighton

Used some random annual leave today to go Christmas shopping in Brighton. Think there are only two things left on the list now.

Brighton was less cheery in the rain then when we visited for my birthday in September. And parking is very expensive.

However, once Tom and I finished being grumpy because it was morning and got to mooching around the Lanes, we had more fun. I particularly liked when we tried to buy all the things in the well stocked Oxfam bookshop.

I was restrained and only bought an advent candle for myself.

We lunched in style at Riddle and Finns on sashimi, Atlantic prawns, an enormous crab and lemon sole. What a treat. So much protein, I couldn't eat this evening.

We made our way home through bad traffic, and Tom went off to PCC. As I'm currently escaping that particular joy, I worked on my secret Santa present for work. A gaggle of church people came for a drink post PCC which was lovely, and now we're tucked up in bed.

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