Wednesday, November 09, 2016

NaBloPoMo 9

I woke up at stupid o'clock this morning, checked my phone to see the US election results, and felt sad. We'll have to hope Mr. Trump makes good his promise to unite the nation and represent all peoples. My phone was pinging all morning with friends messaging each other their dismay.

I was driving into London today to run a session on social media for some people who work in education. Surprisingly the drive all the way up the M3 was ok, and I made good time for once. I think the session went well, and then I borrowed a hot desk in their office and managed to rip through a large chunk of my to do list.

After a less successful drive back in which I was busting for a wee, I ran in at home, used the loo, and ran out again to go for a walk. I stopped to have a look at the work the gardeners are doing on the front garden and was pleased. I think we've managed to find a half decent contractor for once, and they're making good time.

Then I went for a walk up the road to Portswood, aiming to buy flowers for a friend's birthday. I didn't manage to get any, but I picked up some Christmas presents and a few other bits. It's very helpful that shops open in the evening. I don't know when I would do my shopping if they didn't.

On the way to the shop, I noticed a billboard for a new model of Mercedes taxi. It was quite surprising to see a billboard for this in a city. I wonder how they picked their site?

Once I was back, I started tidying as Tom came home from a church do. We did some tidying together, then I paid for my new car insurance before bed. My stomach still isn't good, so I tried wearing totally unsexy support pants to bed to see if it helped. It did a bit, so I managed to get some sleep after all.

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