Thursday, November 17, 2016

NaBloPoMo 16

Today was another working from home day, still poorly, with endless episodes of Mad Men on in the background to keep me company. I love the little details they pause on to drive home the period, the Drapers not picking up their rubbish after a family picnic, or kids being asked to fix alcoholic beverages for parents.

I also love the fashion. I wish I was taller so I could pull off the Joan look from the earlier series.

I picked up my new car today. Well new to me. I think the dealership realised how badly they'd messed up the collection on Sat, as a bunch of flowers, a teddy and a photo shoot voucher awaited me. The car is another Golf, black this time, and it drives well. Golfs are the essence of a car distilled, all the bits you need, all functioning well, no frills, no hassle.

Then in the evening, as I was feeling better, Tom and I went to get a few Christmas presents, and settled in to watch Humans after. I love that series.

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