Monday, July 07, 2008

Old Friends.

"We come back here, to all this.." She gestures at the rolling hills, the rippling wheat and the sky that goes on forever. The tiny people and cars and buzzing in the distance. "... and I feel so glad to be alive, I think of the people I've met, and the place I've been too. I feel so lucky. Some people here have never been as far as Bath let alone, London."

"I know. I can't believed how I've changed as a person either. I'm so aware of myself and so strong. How privileged are we to have all this? To see all this?"

The friendship was the same. I can't actually remember the last time I saw her. Mus have been two years ago. We walked and walked. We talked for four hours straight. We talked about how were were going to change the world, about love, about pasts, and futures.

Looking closely at her, nothing had changed, but she had grown. She was wiser, calmer, more confident. She said she could do anything. I believe her. It was a real delight to pick up where we had left off, chattering away.

An afternoon with an old friend is worth losing your sunglasses. Definately.

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