Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I graduated. It was simultaneously awesome and a let down. I loved wafting around in robes, I loved being the centre of attention, I loved the pomp and tradition. However, having known I'd passed for a month meant it other ways it felt much like a lot of fuss over something that's no longer exciting. This is a picture of me with Simon who is the university chaplain, and who has had a huge impact on me during my time at uni. He came back to uni especially to have this picture taken with me, even though he was supposed to have left for the day by then. That really meant a lot to me. He has a snazzy blue hood because he has a Masters degree from Cambridge. The pink trim you see on mine shows that I was graduating that day with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and that pink influenced my sartorial choices quite a bit.   

This is a picture of me with two of my housemates, Cecil (who can be found here and here,) and Dave. I found them just as I was leaving the students union having been be-robed. Our parents then formed some sort of paparazzi and we had to pose and pose and pose for photographs. That was kind of fun too!

Here's the moment itself, captured by Ceci's parents. I wish I'd stood with my legs together! The bod in charge was the Pro - Chancellor, Dame Valerie Strachan. She asked if I had enjoyed the degree and what I was doing next. Her speech afterwards was pretty good too, and she had three pieces of advice. Firstly, to look around at our friends who were graduating too, and to keep in touch with them, as these were the people who got to know us as we were finding ourselves. Therefore we'd never have to pretend to these people, something that gets more vaulable as life goes on. Secondly, to be open to learning all through out our lives, from both a professional perspective and for the personal pleasure that goes with it. Thirdly, we should only say no to things that are illegal, immoral or that would make us fat. If we said yes to everything else, we'd never miss out on an opportunity.'


Lastly, this is me with my main lecturer from last year, Dr. Dan Levene. He really pushed me to achieve, and I'm very greatful for that. There were times where I really didn't think I'd make it through, but Dan kept reassuring me that I actually had some knack for what I was doing, and that kept me going. I promised him he'd appear on my website and now he has. :0)

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