Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not as bad as I thought

I got the breakdown of my marks for this year:
73 Old Testament Texts
71 Group Project - The Romans in Hampshire.6
8 Gender and Society in France since 1789
60 Latin Stage 1
Giving me an average of 68. Annoyingly 2 marks away from a first. However, I consider them amazing. I can do anything I want, even when it feels like my world is crumbling.
Roll on next year.
I had a lovely weekend. A much needed lie in in my new double bed, shopping, spending time with darling friends, a cheap and cheerful Chinese meal and a night of wicked dancing on the Saturday. Sunday saw pancakes and more lolling around in Andy and Mels fabulous house, a decadent nap and church. You heard that right church... I've been asked to be godmother to my newest cousin. So I'm biting the bullet and trying to get over my irrational fears. I also had fish and chips, watching Scrubs with friends.
I feel quite alive at the moment. Like someone turned the lights on.

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Unknown said...

Greatly encouraging to hear. I hope you're still feeling super happy after your camping weekend.