Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm going to skip forward and back as i please now...

There's too much to get through. My review of 'Pride and Prejudice' at Mottifont Abbey to follow soon.

I spent last weekend at 'The Party 2007' at Lydia's Field near Hastings, a small music festival run by Lydia for her family and friends. The train journey there was fantastic. Rain poured nearly the whole time, and I got to show of my new wellies and my mac in sac. I've not travelled in and around London much, but negotiating Clapham Junction by myself was a challenging and enlightening experience. It sounds so silly doesn't it? But I was proud of how I managed to get my self on all the right trains. I also love people watching, and observing how different people live.

On the Hastings train there were a couple of children travelling with their grandmother, clearly going to stay with her for the weekend. I think they got off at Eastbourne. You'd never know that she was their grandmother though. Fashionably dressed, good hair, thin without being skinny, coral pink nails and be-Ipod- ed, I would have said mother rather than grandmother, if I had not been intently eavesdropping and heard them talking about their absent daughter/mother. They were so interesting. Clearly not wanting for money, the girl had just come back from summer camp and was filling the grandmother in on the gossip and what little Italian she had picked up. I think slightly to the grandmother's annoyance as she appeared to be an Italian teacher. They were so interesting, I wish almost that I could have followed them home and got to know them. But anyway...

The sun came out at Collington Beach, and by the time I got to Hastings, I felt so silly in my wet weather gear. I met up with Matt, who had invited me to the festival and we went to the supermarket to get supplies for the weekend.

The festival/party/whatever was great fun. Only really knowing Matt there forced me to talk to lots of people, and for once I was myself and people seemed to like it. I out geeked geeks on sci-fi and code, learnt a bit of poi, tramped through muddy woods to get fire wood, paddled in streams and swang on swings. The latter I had not done for years and years, and I felt so fabulous flying high in air. Such wholesome outdoorsy - ness was just what I needed.

It rained all through the Saturday night, and I did get a but damp but the sun came out so brightly on the Sunday that I could channel Kate Moss a la Glasto 2005 and waft around ing hippy dress and wellies. I got sun burnt listening to The Beautiful Word who I swear were the highlight of the weekend for me. Folky, clever harmonies, lovely dresses, bongos and glockenspiel, I was entranced. And desperate to get a CD. After that we sat by the fire and got gently drunk whilst trying to fan the flames .

It rained on the Sunday night, and was damp on the Monday and the journey home was full of knitting on the shrug I need to finish by Wednesday! Oh My!

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