Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Knitting tentatively

My mood is black, blue at best, and following Simon's advice, I'm trying to do the things that make me happy.

Thud by Terry Pratchett is a very good book. I bought it with some book tokens I discovered whilst moving house, and it was definately worth the trip to the book shop. In Pratchett's usual witty and amusing way, he has Commander Vimes trying to stop all out war between the trolls and dwarves. However, this being TP, its is actually a commentary on racial intolerance and fear of the unknown. It has both made me laugh out loud on the train and ponder my own actions. 8/10.

I am currently knitting a shrug for my sister based on a blue one I made her last year. It is a top down raglan of my own design, 4ply white yarn of 5mm needles for a loose and drapey effect. So Far I've managed about 3 inches, some of which was knitted last night in the dark whilst touring accross country lanes in a friends new car. Sarah's hoody is on hold fo rnow, as Ellie wants this shrug by the first week of August.

Hopefully a bbq and a trip to the cinema and cooking a roast for all my friends in Soton will help with the blackness. It's a bit like being chased by a huge dog this week.

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