Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dancing + person with a good camera = Things I want to paint!

Thanks to Peter for taking the pics. I think there maybe some self portraiture going on this summer...where did I put the oil pastels?

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Alex Segall said...

Ah, dancing; following on from the Darcy Bussell thing, and thinking - in my multiple bored moments at work - of music, as I do when I listen to it, I wondered: can you choreograph?

If you can, I have an incredible piece of jazz (about 37 minutes long) which you'd like, and that has a very definite story, as told in the monologue (7 mins) beforehand :)

It's called "Blue Interlude (The Bittersweet Saga of Sugar Cane and Sweety Pie)" from the album Blue Interlude (1991) by Wynton Marsalis. I have it, courtesy of The Bubble (of course) and if you want to listen, and perhaps embark on a grand extra-curricular project, by all means do so.