Friday, February 09, 2007


I am going to be working as a researcher for Gem Recruitment. They specialise in Recruitment to Recruitment, finding people to be recruitment consultants. My role will be mainly interviewing people on the phone and filling their details in on forms, then processing them so the consultants can follow them up.

My hours will be 7-9am in the morning and 5-9pm in the evening at £5 an hour. The big bonus with this role is that the hours are so flexible. I don't have to do the mornings everyday, and its only Monday to Thursday. If I finish enough interviews, I can go home early. I can negotiate time off for exams, and work full time in the summer. If I have a 5pm finish at uni, I can come in later.

The other big incentive is well pretty big. For every client placed by a consultant that was registered by me, I receive a £50 bonus, with that bonus increasing the longer I'm with the company. The team estimates we'd be looking at an extra £200 a week, and more if we work harder. That's a pretty big incentive to work harder.

The company is young and upcoming. They've only been around for 18 months but are already the 2nd company nationally in Recruitment to Recruitment. They are rapidly outgrowing their current offices.

I think this job will be good for me because it forces me to talk to people. I really need to get more confident and hopefully this is the way to go. The money won't go amiss either.

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Peter said...

Do you think it will make you more confident? At least you are not doing sales cold calling... I have done a day of that at a trade fair and half a day when trying to get more clients, and it's the most soul destroying thing I have ever done :(