Saturday, February 24, 2007

Film Ideas borne out of a Feverish Delirium.

I am sick. I have the lurgy. My throat burns, my eyes water, my limbs ache, and I am experiencing what can only be described as what feels like my ears imploding. This is my blog and I shall complain.

I woke up like this and could not ignore Chris' offer to be a nursed. So here I am sat in his duvet in his big comfy chair, being brought food and drink and gentle cool hands to the forehead.

I have also been napping all afternoon as that what happens when you're feverish. We all know fever induces the best, wierdest and clearest dreams brimming with detail.

Here is the most interesting of mine.

There was a married couple, Mr and Mrs Dax, the wife being called Ruby, the husband name has escaped. They have four year old twin girls, Beatrice and Dana. The twins have a godfather who is a journalist. Being taken by all the very odd things the twins say, he begins writing them down as an aside to his column in a big daily paper. As the film wears on we learn that Mr Dax is a lawyer and Ruby Dax a scientist, a physicist with an interest in human biology. You know, as a hobby. The godfather realises that the very odd things coming out of his goddaughters' mouths are due to the parents having a competition to teach the girls as much about their respective areas of expertise as possible. This would explain why Dana and Beatrice yelled at him for jaywalking on their way to the zoo together, and when noticing a patch of dried skin on his face, said Beatrice:"Oooh your cells are deleting themselves." Dana:"You're right, his body doesn't need them any more."

I know about the latter, because in my dream the paper was out on the table, open to the right page, and accross the bottom of the Page was this.

"Oooh your cells are deleting themselves."
Beatrice Dax
"You're right, his body doesn't need them anymore.
Dana Dax

Also included under their quotes were responses from the parents. The publishing of their daughters quotes meant that the competition between the couple had increased, with the subject of the weekly quote being used as a measure to see which parent was doing better at imparting their knowledge. I think the reason the godfather knew what the girls said was because he looked after them one day a week to help resolve the parent's childcare issues.

Now, I don't know if these events carried on but in a more malicious vein with one parent bumping the other off to be the sole knowledge source in the girls life, or the kids killing the parents horror film style. However in my head the pictures had a more romantic comedy film. Perhaps the knowledge of the girls helped them find a partner for their godfather. You know really soppy.

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