Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All the People so many People...

I have been making new friends recently. I'm one of those people who like to have different groups of friends. Usually as different as possible. The people in question this time are known as the 'Chaplaincy Groupies' because, well, they hang out at Chaplaincy. So you could say I met them all through Yellow. They remind me of all the best qualities of the people from school, and there's a nice sense of community when we're all together. In fact, one could say Chaplaincy has become the Sixth Form Common Room of my university career.

One of the best things about all these people is that they are welcoming, but not in that insincere, 'let me convert you', way that I have experienced in so many religious settings. They just want to get to know you.

The other thing I enjoy when I spend time with them is how well 'liberal' they are. I never feel I am being judged, or that I have to live up to any label in their company. The 'being on your best behaviour' feeling is something I experience in most of my daily life, save perhaps in the company of Chris and his friends. So its refreshing and greatly appreciated to have a place where I can relax, be as loud and witty and obnoxious as I like, and have people enjoy it.

Most of them are Christians in one way or another, and whilst I'm not really on speaking terms with God and organised religion atm, its so nice to debate history and biblical texts and theology and science with people who have that shared kind of Anglican upbringing.

Most of all they're mine. A group of friends that I stumbled across myself. They're not friends with me because I'm friends with one of their friends. They quite simply started talking to me because I was sat in Chaplaincy with a cuppa. They're not friends with me because of my course either. So I can win any argument. Something I can't do when with History friends! So this is thank you for having me Chaplaincy Groupies, and see you at the pub on Sunday.

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