Sunday, February 04, 2007

Food Glorious Food

Today on the blog we are going to try something different, something I've attempted half heartedly before. Chris and I are going to blog about our midnight snack. We are watching Thank You For Smoking, and films demand snackfooding. Reading food blogs has inspired me to snack in a more highbrow manner, and this is further helped by Chris' penchant for good food.

First up, Waitrose Dry Cured Applewood Smoked Gammon Ham, (Capitals from their packet...) My first impression is that it has that tang that makes your tongue tingle slightly. Chris says it is tasty and slightly smokey. All in all a superior pork product lol.

Next, Waitrose own brand Stilton. Chris says that the flavour is not really strong enough, but what flavour that is there is fairly nice. For me as someone who isn't the greatest fan of blue cheese, I find it has just enough blue cheese flavour. I do not like blue cheese that is so strong that its bitterness is gag worthy.

For carbs, we have Vogel seed bread. It is dense and chewy, especially whilst chewy. Perhaps slightly rubbery, but this is not a bad rubberiness. It is lovely with Marmite.Chris says as bred goes its quite nice, but its just bread. ( I think I'm starting to annoy him with my questions as we're supposed to be watching a

And to wash this all down, we're drinking black coffee with chocolate liqueur. The liqueur component being the chocolate liqueur Chris bought me back from his ski trip to Austria. Its all very nice.

And the film seems to be quite good. At least Chris said "I like this film". Hehe... :)


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