Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Food

This documents the gourmet goodies Chris and I feasted upon on Valentines Day. We had Barramundi fish, mussels in white wine sauce, artisan seed bread, creamy butter, herbs, creme fraiche, honey and ginger yogurt. I steamed the fish in a packet of tin foil with lemon and lime slices, lemon thyme, chives and butter. Then we had caramelised onions, leeks and peppers with a bit of balsamic vinegar, and mashed potatoes with cream fraiche and chives. To start we had our mussels in white wine sauce that you zap in the microwave, gourmet convenience food, with our seed bread and butter, and salami. I had some yogurt for afters, but Chris was beaten by the huge pile of mash I put on his plate.

This was the end to a lovely day, where we spent the afternoon scampering in the New Forest when we had finished with our responsibilities for the day.

It was also a day that saw me being showered with lovely things. Fifty red tulips and a bottle of Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue.

I felt thoroughly special and thoroughly spoilt. Which I think was the point.

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