Friday, February 10, 2006

Just for once

Today I awoke early, giggling like a child. And I mean early for me. It was 6:30. I dashed to the loo and proceded to get dressed. I even had boiled egg and martmite toast. This meant using the last of the bread, for which I apologise Chris. It was a beautiful day today. I opened my curtains wide so sunshine could stream in.

My university room is so lovely when it catches sunlight, the white walls light up and it seems so calm and peaceful. Unfortunately that is only very early in the morning, and only when the sun manages to creep through the gaps in the buildings opposite. This morning felt good and productive. I even managed to finish the book I was reading, Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters before I left so I could give it to Chris to read on his skiiing trip. Have fun in Slovenia or Slovakia or wherever you're going!

With my walkman blasting an ecletic mix of music in my ears I ran for the bus. The chill of the day made my face tingle, and this contrasted deliciously with the warmth of morning sun. On the bus, track after track matched my mood. I swear that Mp3 player is psychic. Then came the highlight of any trip to the campus. I have to walk across part of Southampton Common to get from the main campus to the Avenue Campus.

Today it sparkled, glittered, gleamed. Frost had kissed everything making it look magical. With my glamous puss suitcase swinging beside me and the sun beating down. I felt on top of the world. That walk could have lasted forever I would have been so content and happy. I was going home.

Once at Avenue, I went to see if my WW1 tutor had arrived, in order to pick up my essay and exam mark. Unfortunately he wasn't, and hopefully he will have left it with my tutor. That did however mean I caught an earlier bus to the station.

Here things began to go a little topsy turvy. First of all the ticket man was getting so stressed with my attempts to find my railcard that I decided to buy a full price ticket to save him further exasperation. £18 less well off I then decided to buy a paper and some chocolate to nibble on only to find the WHSmiths wouldn't accept my card, and therefore had to usemore of my precious cash.

I did however manage to get on the train wihtout further unction and settled in managing to read every article in my copy of the Times on the journey to Warminster. The secenery slowly changed from the suburn Hampshire to the rolling downs of Wiltshire. With each town I felt more and more excited and like I was beaming light fro my inside out. Something about the golden ploughed fields, where the chalky soil catches the light, just made me sigh with contentment.

When I arrive, I nearly forgot to pick up my suitcase, but rushed out just before the train doors shut to be greeted by Rob.

Two and a half weeks is too long.

We did a little shopping and errands, and have so far spent a lazy day together, me knitting, him gaming. The Winter Olympics opening ceremony has just ended and so I am off to bed.

Love to Fran - I hope things get better soon and hopefully I'll manage to see you next time I'm down.


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