Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Nothing Kind of Day

This weekend, Rob surprised me by coming down on Friday night. A pleasant evening ensued and on Saturday he took me to see Aeon Flux and for a KFC meal. We shopped and played and were generally as we were when we are at home together. We disagreed over the quality of Aeon Flux, the beauty of Charlize Theron, and the necessity of shoe shopping to female existance. [Incidently the film in my opinion is good, well written and look out for the extra pair of hands.]

It's always hard when Rob goes home after a visit like that. He's so lovely and things go so well that its hard to re adjust to the normality.

I woke up today and thought, "Well, its a nothing kind of day. " It has poured with rain all day, it is grey and freezing cold. There is distinct lack of purpose to that kind of day. I did have a reason to get up.

Rob rang and in the course of the phonecall convinced me getting out of bed would be a good idea. He somehow manages to make the dull and inane exciting. So with a slight sense of purpose I jumped up just as Hannah rang me. I explained my purpose and she agreed that a trip to town was in order, and off to town we went, just catching the bus.

I am a fool and shouldn't be allowed near technology. I had the day before accidently ripped out my network cable from my ethernet card and whilst both card and cable functioned, the connection, the small metal prongs were shot. So my main purpose was to buy a new ethernet card.

I also wanted to see about changing my phone tariff as I thought I was paying too much for my calls. Mores the pity for the poor unsuspecting salesman. I was in a foul mood. A foul foul mood. Blacker than black and for no good reason.

So having bitten at intrusive sales people, I bought everything I needed, including cleverly designed sanitary towel using Boots advantage points. TMI for you guys, but for you girls, these have clever notches in the back which mean they fold into the crease of your buttocks and therefore fit better and are less likely to move and leak. Very long sentence I know. Boots advantage points are quite possibly one of the best reward schemes for customers I know. You can actually use them to buy items. You get 4 for every pound you spend, and they have a cash value of 1p.

Upon returning home, I watched Friends with Amy, did a little work, and went to the pub with Amy and Hannah. As I've been feeling rotten, Amy was a sweeeeeeetttiiieeee and made me a delicious spaghetti bolognese. Our evening at the pub wasn't so good, as not all the usual crowd were there.

We left early and walked home in the pouring rain and sang assorted snippets from musicals at the tops of our voices. Since we've been home, we've watched Chicago and started watching a film about figure skating. We've eaten rice pudding and tinned fruit and chocolate and are being seriously girly. We're sat here knitting.

At least I'm not moping alone in my room eh?

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