Thursday, February 09, 2006

A survey for want of something better


Full name: Alexandra Ellen Ann Jones
Nick names: Alex, Lex, Lexibug, lexy, Al, Sapphy, Oi you, Goddess, Tiger,
lHeight: 5'1"
Siblings: Two sisters both younger, more talented and better looking. I love them both.
Do you like to sing in the shower: I'm too busy pondering how to get the shampoo out my long hair to sing in the shower.
Do you like to sing? Yes loudly.
Sign: Libra if you mean astrology, or frogs crossing if you mean road.
Lefty or righty: Right
Shoes or sandals: Shoes of the red and sparkly sort
What do you want in a relationship?:Love, acceptance, security, fun.
Marital status: Engaged
Fav. Songs: Kiss from a Rose and Crazy by Seal, She's on Fire by Train, Trouble and Clocks by Coldplay, Teardrop by Massive Attack.
Perfume/Cologne: Very Irresistable by Givenchy
Movie: Serenity, Moulin Rouge, Ameile.
Number: 2 or 3
Card game: Poker strip or other wise.
Radio station: Radio 4
Sports: I like playing badminton, and watching football, motorbike racing, ice skating and snowboarding.
Food: Anything home made with good ingredients, when out, baked aubergine in a tomato sauce and mozzerella.
TV show: Lost
Cartoon: Arnold as in arnold with the cool theme tune. *Hey what wonderful kind of day...*
Character: Maria Merryweather.
Colour: RED.
Do you plan on having kids: Yes in about 7yrs time.
How many do you want? Two please, or a gaggle of four boys,just don't tell Rob about the last one!
Who's your celebrity crush? Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp
Would you have kids before marriage? Hopefully Not!
Do you have a b/f or g/f?: a fiance
Do you have a crush: Yes on Amy and Hannah. they are me girls. nuff said.
What hurts you the most? When people don't appreciate the lengths you've gone for them.
Music/TV: Music telly! No, really jazz violin.
Guys/Girls?: Always men...better company
Green/Blue?: The shade of blue your eyes are.
Pink/Purple: A rich regal purple.
Summer/winter: Winter or autumn, I hate being too hot.
Night/Day: Night time is the right time to quote the cheesy christmas song
Hangin out/chillin out: Chilling out with wine and a good book.
Dopey/Funny: Funny
You know I'm around when: Things stop making sense, or there's some very good food.
What school do you go to/where do u work? Student of History at the University of Southampton.
Do you enjoy school?I loved school.
What's a major turn on for you: Thoughtful gestures.
Whiniest: Erin
Nicest: Amy
What's the worst thing a friend could do to you? Blank me.
Which people do you trust the most: Rob.
Do you believe in soul mates: No, I believe in kindred spirits
Is it right to flirt if you have a bf or gf?: Only if they don't mind
What and when was the last thing you cried over or got teary over?When I was talking to chris when I was homesick.
What music instruments do u play? Grade 1 piano and my voice.
What do you want right now? Get my stoopid WW1 essay and exam mark so i can go home early tomorrow.
What's one thing you can't live without? Love, knitting and food.
Love or Lust: Love
Silver or gold: Silver
Diamond or pearl: Diamonds are forever, pearls are for tears. Both in equal doses.
Sunset or sunrise: Sunrise alone, sunset with company.
Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?: No but I want to. Who will join me?
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: No, but Dr. Evil the Bear lives on my window sill.
Do you have any piercings?: My ears are peirced twice in one and one in the other. Damn poor beauticians who pierced the first too low down.
What colour underpants are you wearing?:Pink with a grey trim and a fairy cake print.
What song are you listening to right now?: The hum of my laptop.
What are the last 4 digits of your home phone?: 3288 here.
Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?: I'm going to Devon to country house hotel on the back Rob's motor bike.
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Rob.
Some of the first things you notice about the opposite sex? Posture, hands, face.
What makes you happy?: Hugs, Rob's face when he sees me after a two week break, good food and dancing.
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: Glasses when my eyes get tired.
What was the best advice ever given to you?: Think before you speak.
Do you like Funny or Scary movies better?: I like scary movies that are so bad they're funny.
On the phone or in person?: I actually have a mild phobia of phones, so in person please.
Hugs or kisses?: Mostly Hugs.
What song reflects you most?:Teardrop by Massive Attack.
If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything to?: Rob if he wanted all my crap, my firends if not.
Do you have any enemies?:Not that I know of apart from the evil twin from Belgium
Rich or famous?: Rich, then I can buy my restaurant:)
Math / Science?: Science at a push, but only if it's chemistry and I can blow things up.
What time is it where you are?: 1525
Have you ever met Santa?: Yes.
Any pets?:Not of my own, no. Though my sisters have fish, gerbils and guinea pigs.
Who was the last person you danced with?: A guy called Will who didn't have a partner the night my ballroom partner hurt his back.
Last time you were stressed?:This morning trying to find the right book in the library.
Are you an alcoholic?: No.
Who sent this to you?:Erin.
What do you think of this person?: She is stark raving mad, and ridiculously happy and smiley.

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