Monday, February 13, 2006

Going home.

The rest of a weekend passed in a blur of happiness.

On saturday i had a nice lie in and sat around in my pj's knitting on my shawl whilst watching olympics on the telly and eating hot cross buns. Hot cross bun are one of the food perks of this time of year, and I must remember to buy some more if i go shopping this week as they are perfect for a student brekkie on the run.

Rob an di went to my rents in the evening for fish and chips tea, or in my case, burger and chips tea. I even made him watch the iceskating, which he did begrudingly, but was lovely none the less. He does love me after all then ;-) Mum an di had a nice time catching up and reviewing hte opening ceremony of the Olympics. As always we appreciated the dresses of the pretty ladies who carried the signs with the names of the countries. The detailing of the little trees, and mountains made from fabric folds were only added to by the teeny skiiers who were attached to the dresses! We also enjoyed the giant skiier made from dancers wearing different colours, that clevered used moving in formation to change it's position.

Sunday morning saw me woken with a cup of tea from Rob's mum. I only ever drink tea when at Rob's house. This is strange as my mum is a big tea drinker, and not so strange as my Dad doesn't drink it at all. I think it is mainly because I am lazy, and there only go to the effort if making it for someone else, or drink it if someone else has made it first. I doon't mind the taste, but i prefer weak and fragrant if possible!

I have been making this shawl now for at least 3 weeks and am starting to bore of the lace pattern on the largest section, so I spent a few minutes more in bed working on the repeat, just so it got done. Then I washed and dressed and sat talking to Rob before we had to go to Church.

Church wasn't so bad for once. The last few times I have been it has been as if I can see what is wrong rather than what is good about the church, but I enjoyed the worship even if it was form CD's and it was nice to catch up with people. Rob and I took the youth group and were impressed by the refreshing honesty of most of group and really got somewhere I think.

After that, as Rob's mum had to do the finances for church I offered to make lunch so Rob and I zoomed home and I got cooking. I have to say since being at uni, my joy in cooking has increased immensely. I find myself being imaginative and excited, wanting to experiment. In this instance I produced a variationon one of Triss's traditional sunday lunch dishes, a vegetable soup. Mine turned out more of Spring soup, as it was all pretty colours. Red onions finely diced, fried with mince beef, then grated carrot and potato is added. This is friend till the potato is soft then chopped leeks and vegetable stock and milk are added to make it soupy. It was very nice.

I worked away at my reading for a bit after lunch, and packed all my bags up as my darling was about to play football. Now football really isn't one of my favourite things, but I love to watch Rob play. He is rather good, and generally scores plenty of goals. But this match was a bit nightmareish with a new player on his team being bigheaded and refusing to substitute out when he ought etc... Rob gets so involved in the game that he takes everything personally and he got so cross! I have never seen him like that.

This mean tour goodbye was not quite as nice as it could have been, but the station was appropriately dingy and it was raining as he dropped me off after the match so it had an element of film noir to it. I hope you're feeling better baby!

On the train ride back I knitted and dozed, and nearly missed my stop! So like me, but I did remember everything this time fortunately and managed to catch a bus that got me straight to The Stile, the cosy pub on campus where i met up with Amy, filthy and his gf Carrie. I had a bowl of cheesy chips for tea, and spent a pleasant evening getting to know Carrie and lamenting the demise and discontinuation of the chocolate orange fudgecake from the nenu with Amy.

Cecil came over for a chat when I finally got back to halls. He stayed chatting to midnight, and told me a lovely Jewish story about how people came to have the dimple over our top lip. You know the one your little finger fits so succinctly in and that makes lips look kissable. According to Jewish tradition, babies in the womb know all Scripture, all the laws and rules and tradition God has ever revealed to his people, infact they know everything becasue before the soul was put into a body it was with God. But when the baby is due to be born, Archangel Gabriel - I think that's the one, correct me Cecil otherwise - puts his finger to the baby's lips as if to say "shhh" and removes all that knowledge bar the spark that creates your personality and desire for knowledge and that which makes you human.

Somehitng about that and the way Cecil told it really moved me. It also conveniently explains that strange dimple over your lip!

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