Monday, January 31, 2005


Off the top of my head.

Busy bunny am I, rehearsals for my A level choreography, [Ihave some ace dancers btw] Bugsy Malone rehearsals, [Nice blood blister making my toenail fall off], hugemungous oil painting and silk painting going on in art, some nearly finished history writing, some french cwk ideas and loads of other stuff!

Knitting wise, WIP's are

Pink Fingerless Gloves for me!

I have about 2 finger bits left to knit on those and loads of ends to tidyaway.

Red Hooded Baby cardigan

Two front bits, a back bit, and 7/8ths of a sleeve, leaving me with a sleeve a hood and buttons bands to do.

Leg warmers

One down, one cuff and abit....urgh! Gotta get on with those, left over Christmas presents oh no! Damn Fairisle ambitions!

Shawl thing for fran

only 3 inches!


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