Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Woah woah woah....

I'm not going to be lazy I'm going to first off!

Little Car didn't pass her MOT. :-( But, it's going to cost only a maximum of £200 to fix her.:-) She needs a new back tyre, some break things and something I don't remember exactly and didn't understand what the man at the garage was talking about anyway, though Rob and his dad appeared to. So that's great. With repairs, tax and MOT fee, I will have in effect got a car for £300 which is asaving on £100 on the asking price for other Kia Pride LX's on Autotrader. Ao I'm all happy.

Rob also managed to get fully comprehensive insurance with Tesco Online for the very small amount in insurance land of £750. I mean due to boyracers spoling it for the majority of the male under 25 population Rob was being quoted an averge of £1000 by the major insurers so that's great. We love TESCO!

Again, that reminds me I need to ring the driving instructor now I know when most of my Bugsy rehearsals will be.


I'm back on my eating healthily after Christmas, and I feel really energised and confident. I'm currently 54kg which puts me near the overweight bmi mark again, at 24, so I'm aiming for my pre christmas bmi of a healthy 21. My dancing has improved so much with all the decent food i've been eating. Te complex carbohydrates and the chocolate for one week of the month rule really works.

Our family party was on the 8th and I had a really nice time enjoying showing off my fiancé to all the family. My Gran was one of 8 children, so it's her brothers and sisters, their spouses, their children, and the grandchildren. I'm the oldest granchild and so everyonewas really excited by our news. I showed off my ring, and my photos, and my wonderful life book that my mum and dad made for my 18th birthday, a big album filled with photos and pictures and bits of writing for every year of my life so far. Let's hope the page for 2005 will be just as wonderful.

I wore my red ballgown with the sleeves sewn back on for winter wear. I loved it. When I walked down the stairsRob was like "Who's the lucky guy you're going with" which did I have to say kinda make my evening.

Everyone in my family had a kinda red theme going on, as according to my mum, it's the 40th anniversary of out famy party, they've been having a party around christmas time for 40 years! How cool is that. We also have a family picnic in the New Forest in the summer too. It's lovely to feel part of a community like that.

I'm gradually dying my hair darker too.. I just fancy trying a darker colour. Atm I have a wash in wash out golden brown and i'll top it up slowly do I don't get a culture shock from uddenly havingblack hair.llol


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