Monday, January 24, 2005


You don't want to write about anything real.

So I'm going to let my thought run riot on digital free paper.

It's snowing in Bath, or so Rob says. I crave some snow. The bit fat sort of flake that makes my cry a little because it is soft and cold and pretty. I want to be soft and cold and pretty, here in my snowy jumper. Lizzy calls me pretty. Rob calls me beautiful. Maybe oh yes I am.

I might call someone random beautiful today. Like he said.

I love knitting.

I'll be back soon.

The sky is thick with clouds. It's coming. The snow must be coming. The wind has blown it in from the northeast. A good sign. Yorkshire down to London had snow.

I must go now. I have French.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever actually called someone random beautiful? It's amazing! But you have to mean it, otherwise it's just a shallow comment. Oh, I think you have inspired me to do that again today. It's so great to make people smile huh?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you around!

Anonymous said...

Heh, a year AND a day. How 'bout that?

Lori said...

You ARE beautiful. I enjoyed painting your face. You have a beautifully shaped head.