Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I feel a severe compulsion to

So here I am.
I'll start where I can remember which is all of Friday. 4-5 days is your limit folks.
Friday at school is a haze in my memory. I remember a little of Thursday as I was on a School Council team interviewing prospective replacements for our retiring headmaster. The one I liked, who I had a secret suspicion was Christian didn't make it into the second round of interviews, but my second choice was chosen by the powers that are the school governors. He's coming from a really rough school in Oxford. He'll probably be able to handle Matravers. Seems very hands on.
Friday evening, I went to music practice for church. Twas interesting trying to sing with a new person who is tone deaf. Was harder with our pastor there, a really good singer. I was competing with perfect pitch and no pitch. I had to stick my fingers in my ears and everything.
Saturday. I got up and practically went to the bank in my pjs as I wanted to get there before it shut. I was getting out car tax money. Little Car is now on the road and taking my darling to work. The silly insurance companies won't be sorting anything till April, so Little Car was really very God given in her timing. But that's besides the point atm. I got back from the bank had a shower and re did my hair darker again. Which I liked.
Saturday evening Rob and I babysat for some friends of my parents and we had a thoroughly good time. I plaited Abigail's hair and played with Bratz dolls, whilst Rob and Kieran played motor racing on the PS2. After I put them to bed Rob and I watched Spiderman 2 and then played Crash Bandicoot Nitro Races or something which I really liked. Spiderman 2 is really rather good visually. I love the opening credits, as they give just the right period comic book feel.
It was a really great evening, so much so that I felt guilty taking money for it. It was one of those evening when I felt grateful for my relationship in a different way. I'd forgotten how much Rob and I have become friends. We were friends in one way when I had a crush on him all those years ago. But we're best friends now. I can have a great time with him without being sat on his lap, or holding his hand, or talking mush with him. We can have a laugh dissecting a film. Or trying to beat each other at a video game. It's cool just be together. I really am grateful for this.
Rob kipped in our front room, and on Sunday we took Little Car on her first adventure. She went to church, and then she went to Halfords where we got a Shaun the Sheep air freshener because she smelt so bad. We also got a tax disc holder for our newly purchased tax disc, and a demist cloth and some T -Cut to make her all clean and shiny. Then it was off into Trowbridge for a Boots first aid kit, as they're cheaper than Halfords, and to Argos to look at car alarms. Now Little Car isn't really worth anything, and no one would really want to steal her, there are some suspicious people round Rob's way who most people think trashed his moped when they could get it started when they tried to steal it,so we're being on the safe side.
She's going to the posh car wash on Saturday.
I've mostly been knitting a kittyville hat for Lori,and some cool black and white fingerless gloves for Sarah. Pictures when I can. Oh ook I'm tired typing going down hill.
Monday and today have been schooley. I chopped a chunk out my thumb on Monday in Art, trying to make a print block. Which I proudly finished on Monday night at home. My choreography has been going well too. I'm quite excited.
I'm finally actually knitting something for myself. A pair of convertible fingerless gloves mittens in schocking - yes -schocking - pink with quite probably a nice shimmery edging from my Christmas stash. So this is the end of my mighty entry. I'm off to prepare for desperate Housewives, another educational program. Oh you know Like Sex and the City.
How not to live you life....hehe

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