Tuesday, November 03, 2015

NaBloPoMo 3 jobs

Today I had a much needed day off. I spent nearly the whole day scraping old paint off old wood work from the middle bedroom. In between I reinstalled Ubuntu on the computer that lives behind the telly so it would pick up the wireless dongle again.

Tom and I went on a long walk around the local area before dinner. I love looking at domestic architecture and worrying about the lives people love in these little houses.

This evening I've had a long chat on the phone with my mum, and made masses of apple crumble for the freezer using apples from my friend Nicky.

Today's prompt is about jobs you thought looked cool when you were a kid. I never had one job I dreamed of. I wanted to be a ballet dancer, to work with indian street children, to be a painter, a nun, and much much more. Normally influenced by what I'd been reading or watching that week. The homstead lifestyle from Little House in the Big Woods has stuck with me, a little Barbara Good, building a self sufficient life.

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Jon Ahearn said...

The lives people love.

Somehow, it sounds better than the lives people live.