Friday, November 13, 2015

NaBloPoMo 13

Today I have marvelled at my newly decorated hall - pics to follow. Thank you to the lovely Claire of Brushed Up and her team. Such a treat for it all to be done so quickly.

I have also done lots of tech support, and popped into the church office to help them with some tech support too.

This evening, Toddy and Adam had us round for dinner. We had watercress soup, a sourcream basted meatloaf and chestnut croquettes, raspberry cream and cheese and biscuits. Delicious. I may have eaten too much cheese.

The prompt for today is "Describe your perfect day off"

I like days off when it's raining. To be woken by the sound of rain and to know I don't have to go out in it, and I can stay curled up in my duvet listening to the gentle drumming on the glass.

Days off when I can have a bit of a lie in but I still get up early enough to enjoy lots of the day.

Once that start with pleasant solitary pursuits like sewing or knitting with a favourite film in the background, and a mooch about town. But end with evenings with friends round for dinner or in the pub.

I like days off midweek when most people are at work and you feel an illict thrill like being out of school when everyone else is in.

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