Sunday, November 01, 2015

NaBloPoMo 1 - Here we are again

Hello team,

Back to a month of posting everyday. Let's see how I do this year.

Today I slept in and missed church - that's the problem with a 9am service when you have a sleep debt. Tom and I had a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausages and then cracked on with housework and DIY.

First it was off into town to get more curtain interlining and plumbing supplies.The living room curtains are now done bar hemming, and the first of the new radiators are in.

Tom also worked on moving some pipes in the middle bedroom.

Here's how we're doing with the rest of the house. The hall has had the wallpaper stripped, and a skim of new plaster, and the bathroom is all done bar a window sill. The middle bedroom has been taken back to the brick and had new plasterboard and skim, and is now part way through the decorating. We've got a couple of days off this week where I'll try and finish the wood work and reinstall it.

Newly skimmed hall.

Finished bathroom

Choosing the colours for the hall - we're going for Dulux Rope Swing 

Look no wallpaper!

Our carpet choice for the landing and stairs.

Partially decorated middle bedroom

When the middle bedroom had no plaster at all!

Books glorious books...

Help there's a spare room in my bedroom

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