Sunday, November 02, 2014

NaBloPoMo 2 - Miserable

Today I woke up too late to go to church. Clearly all that walking tired me out yesterday. In fact, I woke up feeling thoroughly miserable. Like I wanted to cry. So I stayed in bed, all curled up under the duvet until 11am, whilst Tom went about doing housework and making breakfast.

I dragged myself downstairs and hung up washing, before sitting down to grilled croissants, scrambled egg, salami and red peppers for breakfast/brunch. Tom and I did some menu planning over the food.

I did a little more housework and curled up to knit feeling sorry for myself. Tom convinced me to come out shopping with him.

I'm glad he did, I felt a bit better for some fresh air, and something to think about. We started by going to B&Q to see if they had any Kilrock cleaner as our dishwasher has needed some industrial strength cleaning attention. They didn't, but we had fun looking at paint colours for the house we're trying to buy.

After that, Tom was all inspired, so we went to Wickes to look at bathrooms and flooring, and then on to Homebase to get the Kilrock and look at their bathrooms and paint too. It was at Homebase I had the realisation that I might be feeling so horrid because I'm at the end of the first packet of the pill since I've had my implant removed after it ran out. I'd forgotten that being hormonal made me feel so sad. So I bought a Mars Bar and scoffed it in the car in a big to appease the hormone monster.

On the way back home, we stopped at Sainsburys for groceries, and nipped over the road to International Foods to get all kinds of interesting spices for the week's menu. I love going round this shop, it's arranged by cuisine types, not by type of food, and so it does feel a bit like going round in circles sometimes as you come across another lot of spices, or tinned goods. But it even has an Iranian section and so it's a fascinating walk around.

When we got back, I curled up for more knitting, which has been the theme for today. This was in between helping Tom make tilapia tikka, orzo with lemon and roasted veg, and salad with a yogurt, zatar, lemon and sesame dressing.

This evening, I've been doing my expenses as I will have no time this week, and looking at my Christmas shopping list.

Hopefully tomorrow will be cheerier mental health wise.


Debbs Howells said...

Sending a virtual hug in a virtual nest just big enough for the two of us. I too have been feeling pained and numb all at the same time today. I'm very much looking forward to seeing you and putting the world to rights. Xx

Christopher Todd said...

I'm always impressed by your dishes I managed to make a gorgonzola and pine nut sharing bread, which is essentially a savoury cake