Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NaBloPoMo 19 - date night

Today I spoke at a conference briefly and think I acquitted myself well.
After work it was date night.
Tom and I walked into town, to start the evening with a sock buying challenge as today is Autumn Socks Day.
...and lo, Tom did say once upon a time 'autumn sucks'
Alex cried 'no, autumn rocks'
And Tom said, ' no autumn socks'
So Alex laughed and gifted Tom with socks to make the mellow mists of autumn more bearable.
Thus it came to pass that socks were ritually exchanged on the 19th November.
We have both had a busy few weeks, and so decided to buy our socks on the same day. We split up in West Quay with half an hour to choose our socks.
I was scuppered by there being only 3 choices of 100% cotton socks for men  West Quay, all plain boring colours.
So with Tom's permission I ended up buying him a pair of merely 80% cotton from a Swedish company called Happy Socks like so.
He bought me some sensible tights and some very brightly coloured long socks.
Socks acquired, we both now having enough pairs of socks to last a long time, we toddled off through the festive dark to the Harbour Lights cinema to see the Imitation Game. Gosh I had forgotten how far Ocean Village is from the shops.
The film was excellent and left us musing thoughtfully on how much had changed in society and how much has not.
Then we stopped for some speedy tapas from La Esquina for dinner which was delicious as always, before marching home whilst planning interior decor for the new house.

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