Tuesday, November 04, 2014

NaBloPoMo 4 - Birmingham

It was a restless night last night. And an early start today. I leapt out of bed, fixed my face and grabbed my suitcase before dashing out the door.

Today I had a meeting about internal comms and a big systems project, at Stowe in Buckinghamshire. So off up the A34 I bombed. Traffic was kind, and I made it there by 10:30am, in time to grab coffee and a tasty flapjack before trying to kill my inbox. I managed to scrape some desk time whilst the people I was there to present to took a tour of the beautiful gardens.

I enjoyed the afternoon session, getting to unleash my creative beast drawing out maps for the group to stick post it notes on.

Then it was time to hit the road again, this time a first for me, driving into the centre of Birmingham. I have meeting with all the other mes from around the country tomorrow, so I didn't think there was any point in driving back to Southampton to get on a train tonight, or at some god-awful hour tomorrow.

So here I am in a Travelodge, again, trying to catch up on email before I hit the Mailbox for dinner with colleagues.

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