Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well. Next year this student is going to be poor. P.O.O.R... Now, "wait", one might think, "students are supposed to be poor." They most definately are poorer in real terms after uni thanks to student loans and huge tuition fees nowadays.

However I am going to be poor because I am going to be paying an extra £10 a week in rent. Yea gods I need a job.

The thing is, the rent we pay here is very low. Admittedly we paid a heft agency fee, but it's very low rent. The house is very good for what we pay, but its definately not perfect. We have mould and condensation problems, fairly normal for a student house, but horrible to live with nevertheless, especially when the living room carpet and the sofa feels constantly damp/wet. Its also falling apart a little, probably from years of being a student house. As the landlord has now sold it, and we had to look for something else we were always going to go upmarket. A friend of ours was also looking for house so it's gone from 4 to 5 people in next years house.

Next years house if we get it is something else. All double rooms. Modern appliances. The house was only actually built two years ago. Leather or at least leather look sofas. Wooden or at least laminate flooring. Two bathrooms. A huge modern kitchen with a breakfast bar. It's a 5 bed flat on the first floor, and the people living on the ground floor in the 4 bed flat include a fellow historian, and if not friends yet, then lets say good aquaintences. It's two min walk to campus.

The downside of all this not damp and mouldy and lovliness is that £10 extra a month. It doens't sound alot. But really it is. So job hunting it is.

If you are recruiting in the Soton area, please do drop me a line... I'll happily send my cv. Available evenings, weekends and all holidays.

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