Monday, January 01, 2007


I've been spoiled.

After a family Christmas in N.I. with the paternal side, I arrived back in Soton to be greeted by a flooded kitchen.
I will not lie. I cried. A train journey and wind and rain and floods were more than my recently airport addled self could cope with. I did find out my mop and did the best I could. Chatting to Chris on Gtalk whilst waiting for the mop to dry, he said he ought to come and cheer me up. I thought he was joking, as he was in Worthing with his family. But no. He was not. He asked his Dad for a lift, and they bought a mop as well, which fortuanetly wasn't needed by the time he arrived. When he said he was coming, I cried some more. Though of relief this time.

I have a knight in shining armour. It's a lovely feeling. I feel greatful and unworthy and happy all at once.

When we had tidied up the house a bit, we spent the evening snuggled up in blankets on the sofa, watched the Dead Poets Society and ate soup, pizza and cinnamon dough sticks. The next day we people watched shoppers in the town centre and had greek food. And then I had to leave him at the station.

It hurt. Sometimes a taste of what you love best, in this case, being free to enjoy time with a special person, to be able to talk freely and to be looked after, is worse than nothing at all.

I wouldn't swap those two days for the world though. Especially as he's now off skiing in Austria with his family.

I saw the New Year in with friends, playing the Wii and then dancing in the Dungeon. I did enjoy myself, discovering that I wasn't as bad at pool as I thought. There was however that sense of missing, as Chris wasn't there to share it. Filth put it well when he said that Chris being there would have made it a perfect evening, rather than a very good one. So my love if you read this, even your mates wanted you there. I rang Chris when we got in, and I hope he got my New Year wishes of Love through the haze of poor phone reception and my tipsy state. I can't wait to hear his firework stories. I felt like I was on Borrwed time. Small seconds of what's not really yours.

I have three resolutions this year, to get serious about my health, about my uni work and about worrying less about insignificant things. Tell me yours, and I hope that this year, you keep them and have a happy and exciting year.


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