Friday, January 26, 2007

All the things...

Firstly, isn't this a nice photo? It's the prelude to a very public thank you to Chris for coming to my family party immediately after getting home from his family holiday in Austria. Also to his dad for driving him there. They are both lovely.

Much fun was had at the family party. (This was pre the exams btw) I invited my housemates and assorted friends to come as my family, and they fitted in very well, playing the party games, eating the food and dancing like idiots. They are very lovely too... It's nice to share with them one of my favourite things about my family. I'm very lucky in that my huge extended family on my mum's side meet up twice a year for a get together. Over the winter festive period, we have a party, and in the summer a picnic in the New Forest. Though I may not know all the names of my 30 second cousins, I appreciate the lovely sense of togetherness and tradition.

I have finished my exams now thank goodness and I am enjoying a week off before the start of the new semester. I am moderately lucky in that my exams were early in the exam period, and whislt that left less tome for revision, I do get a bit of a break. That has meant knitting. I am currently working on my Amsterdam socks and a new project!

This was the start of a scarf for Chris. He had a lovely scarf for xmas and lost it, so I'm making a version of it. He wanted a manly scarf in a dark colour. I say was, because it's now 2 foot long. I began in basketweave stitch, then changed to sugarcube stitch. I'm now filtering out the sugar cubes to plain stocking stitch for a graduated effect. I really like it. I think he does too. Or at least he's impressed with the speed of my knitting.

This is the huge ball of wool! It was £5 for 800m/400g, compared to 100g balls for £2, so I think I got myself a bargain.

And a gratuitous basketweave shot because it's such a lovely texture!

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