Saturday, January 20, 2007

ARGH! Noooo!

Please visualise me running around in small circles screaming and muttering in turn.

Revision is upon me as the first exam is on Tuesday. I am in the process of rewriting my notes for the third time, using yet another way of capturing information on the tortuous prison of paper. I would say lined, but this year I'm using squared as I ran out of paper, and pinched a pad of it from Chris. Being a Digital Systems Engineering student, he only has squared paper because *shock horror* he does things like maths and writing out code.. yuk!

I am also having to re write my revision notes into something clear and legible because I need Chris or any other willing volunteer to test me. I find that I can only tell if my revision is working if someone asks me questions. Asking myself questions and writing down the answers never seems to work. Chris kindly said he'd test me, but then spent the half hour in between playing Street Fighter on his mate's Wii complaining about my handwriting. It's probably a good thing he did, as it's forced me to add as much info into my notes as possible.

I am not panicking as much about my Latin exam as it's open book, but my Old Testament is all tiny facts and big concepts so that's making me feel a bit sick.

I've not been doing much else besides revising. A bit of sock knitting, a bit of scarf crocheting. Lots of sleeping. I am student after all. After exams I have to go househunting. The house we're renting atm has been sold, and we have a new mate coming to live with us, so we need a 5 bed instead of a 4. That's going to be fun. I also need to find a job. I want to save up to go away in the summer.

Atm I'm eating yummy marmite toast made for me by my darling, and watching a musical episode of Scrubs. This is making me feel much better, and I'm certain today will be a productive day.

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Anonymous said...

I remember studying a bit of Latin related to medicine for a course.

It waas interesting, but to be honest the teacher just made it totally boring. We were learning the declentions or something like that, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be