Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Phood and phings...


The sunday following my previous proper post, Chris and I went to eat at my favourite eat - ey place in
Southampton. THE MEDITERRANEAN MEZE BAR! Which is incidently in the West Quay shopping centre, the place that is the cool beige marble shrine to consumerism in Southamption City Centre. They have this fabulous meal deal, whereby one orders three things from the menu on a plate for £5.50. This is more than enough to be a satisfying lunch for two. This time we had: Veggie Moussaka, Greek Salad and Lamb Doner meat with chilli sauce. We also ordered a small tub of olives and extra pitta. We did have to wait for our doner as they were cooking a new batch, but it's lovely high quality meat for a small fast food joint and so worth it.

I also finished Dave's rug. Here it is clashing with the highly patterned carpet on the lads's landing.

I hope he likes it. I currently have 5 inches done on my sweater dress... I dunno about another 40 to go ;-)

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