Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quote of the weekend among other things...

"It was just ambient thrusting..."

Work has reached the stage where there is so little for me to do that they are sending me home at lunch time. Yay and Boo all at once. I'd rather be busy and feel like I'm earning my money, but the free time to read at work, or go home and sew is rather nice.

I jumped on a train to Soton after work on Friday and went to get keys cut for my house and other such things, and spent the evening eating in an Indian restaurant, the Kohinoor in Portswood, but not managing to finish my meal. This wierd stomach thing has been driving me mad. It seems the only thing I want to eat is plain salty things, with everything else making me nauseous. And before you ask no I'm not!

The restaurant was far nicer on the inside than it looked from the outside, and the company was excellent. I shared meat samosas, lamb razella, poppadoms and dips, lamb jalfrezy, and vegetable bangala, rice and plain naan bread. I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! The samosa were samosa like, the lamb razella, shredded lamb in a tomato - y sauce served with strips of naan to eat it with. I think I liked that the best. It reminded me a bit of burrito filling, and was very tasty. The jalfrezy was very very hot, full of tomato and coriander and very succulent pieces of lamb. Finally the vegetable bangala was a mix of veg, baked in a creamy, coconut, mild curry sauce. That was a bit rich for my poor stomach! If I go again, I might be temped to skip the starters, and have two mains and a veg dish, or two mains and rice and naan. Can't do without a naan bread!

Today has been a lazy day watching Farscape at Chris' house, and borrowing his laptop to make posters for my new performance venture. 'Move' is going to be a combination of dance, physical theatre and contact improvisation, open to dancers, martial artists, actors, comics and anyone who wants to explore how the body can move. I think the sessions will normally run as a warm up, then improvisation to tracks chosen by leaders, then a free session where people can being ideas and work on them within the group and time spent on previous pieces. This is with an eye to create original performance pieces. Should be fun. I have my eye on a Lea Anderson style humourous piece on student life, drawing on pedestrian movement and lots of contact work.

I expect I will go home tomorrow evening, but there is shopping to be doing first.... :-)


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