Saturday, September 09, 2006

Frome Cheese Show

Prize winning Stilton. Look at the moonscape loveliness of the rind.

The view inside the cheese tent, and a stilton with plums.

A veined Cheddar, and a beautuful Jersey cow.

A very pregnant Fresian, and the Stilton table.

See even Cows need a hairdresser! I was quite taken with the outfits the farmers wore to show their animals, they looked very smart, even if white isn't very practical in a cattle shed. I love how shiny the cows were.

These are some very young famers showing lovely fluffy sheeps.

The most comical animals there were these lovely cheeky piglets, and these very friendly and cuddley looking sheep. I want to make a toy of one of these lovely sheep.

In the horticulture tent, there were competitions for the best veg, I liked this beautiful marrow, though it wasn't the prize winner, and this octopus made from veg in the kids comp.

This cute goat was making a racket in the goat tent, perhaps it wanted to eat the lovely beetroot...

They had flower arranging competitions as well. The left hand image is the smallest flower arrangement I've ever seen and it was in a tiny top hat. The right hand one is called 'Strawberries and Cream'. I think I love lillies more than roses, even with their death connotations.

Eats! Lamb Kofte Sausages, salad, couscous with cumin, tsatiki, and olive oil infused bread with olives and herbs.

More animals made from fruit and veg. A Melon turtle/tortoise and an apple strawberry and grape catapiller.

I had a lovely agricultural day, and ate far too much nice cheese. I also bought a fabulous cut glass necklace from a junk stall for £10 *gasp* but it's all lovely and iridescent and like wearing rainbows.

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