Friday, December 16, 2005

What the wee girl gets up to when she's done all her work

I've worked and played hard this term. I've cried alot, I'm missed Rob more than I've thought possible, and I've made some friends who will last this year, and others that will last lifetimes.

Here are some pics.

This is the cool Cake Amy made me whilst I worked on my essay and missed the last half of our flat's Secret Santa Party. I did however have my Corona and Lime to keep me company.

You know I don't normally dress like this. But it was the last Hey Ewe night of term and it was the prescribed dress code. You can't see but I had patterned tights and red and black strpiy stirrup leg warmers over my round toe high heels. That's the new red/pink hair too. I felt like a red head Gwen Stefani!

These are the little mitts I whipped up out of the lovely Jaeger Merino. I gifted them to Chris as a xmas/birthday gift. Fitting as he bought me the yarn.

Louise and Chris B or Chrispy standing, Chris Funky Pants kneeling.
I cut Louise's hair into the cool choppy bob you see with the emo fringe, gelled Chrispy's in to the perfect public school side parting, and provided both hat and a tie quickly fashioned from safety pins and a silk scarf for Chris Funky. I love mothering people I really do!

A blurry shot of me posing as Sprintey Beers.

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